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How It Works

How can I make my experience count for college credit?

With FastPathOhio, you can create petitions to have your work or life experience assessed at one of our Participating Institutions for academic credit. Once you register for an account, we will guide you through the process of petitioning to earn academic credit for your prior learning. Below is a general outline of the journey you will experience while seeking credit for your prior learning.

  1. Getting Started

  2. Building Your Profile

    After you verify your account, you'll build a profile so advisors so that when an advisor contacts you, they can better assist you.

    Building your profile is the first step to obtain academic credit for your prior learning. It's a simple process that takes minutes!

  3. Selecting a Target Institution

    While building your profile, you'll identify a participating institution where you would like to earn academic credit.

    selecting a target institution
  4. Getting to Know Your Dashboard

    Once your profile is complete, we'll introduce you to your dashboard. Think of this as a command center where you can create and manage your petitions for credit, see recent activity on your petitions, view notifications, and make updates to your profile. Your dashboard provides insight to each step of the petition process.

    Dashboard for managing activities
  5. Creating and Submitting Your Request

    This is why you're here, right? That's what we thought!

    You'll search for up to five courses in our system that you feel are an excellent match to your prior learning. The advisors at your target institution can assist you once you submit your request. If you are unsure which courses to select, submit a request without any courses, and your advisor will help you decide.

    It's that easy!

    Searching for courses
  6. Submitting Your Application

    An advisor at the target institution will contact you and provide one-on-one counseling about your petition using the built-in Message Center on FastPathOhio. As you work with the advisor, you'll discuss your prior learning experience, and together you will determine the course that is the best match for your petition. The advisor will then direct you on how to submit a formal application for the prior learning credit assessment.

    Message Center for petition
  7. Building and Submitting Your E-Portfolio

    There are several building blocks to creating your e-portfolio such as your reason for petition, resume, personal essay, and any other supporting documents that you believe will help an assessor with their evaluation. You will receive a copy of our portfolio guidelines when you create a petition. Once you have completed your required items you can submit your e-portfolio to be assessed.

    Petition for prior learning
  8. E-Portfolio Review and Transcription

    Once you submit your e-portfolio, a faculty assessor will evaluate it and notify you of the decision to either approve or deny your application for prior learning credit for the particular class you chose. If approved, your PLA advisor will confirm that the transcription process has been completed and that the course is listed on your transcript with a grade indicating you are being awarded credit for the class.

    If any further action by you is needed, you will be contacted.  Please note:  Check with your institution to determine the maximum number of PLA credits you can earn, not including transfer credits.

  9. Credit Awarded